Bountiful Acres Farm

Home of Goat Milks Soaps, Lotions and Herbal Salves. Wool and wool products. We raise the goats, sheep, bees and herbs that make these products possible.

Welcome to Bountiful Acres Farm and our line of all natural products.
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At Bountiful Acres Farm we raise LaMancha and Nubian Dairy goats.  We also raise what we like to call a 'spinners flock' of sheep.  We picked what we liked and raise those.  So we have Shetland sheep, BFL's, Suffolk, Finn,Dorset, Cotswold, Romney and all sorts of mixes in between.  Nope, I didn't keep my breeds separate.  I mixed them to get the type of sheep I like (small and easy to handle) and the sort of wool I can spin. 

I have enjoyed the last few years immensely as we have built our bodycare business.  Our customers have been fabulous and we continue to grow.  So not only will you find a place to order product here on this website, but you can find us on Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram and Twitter.  We also have several Farm Team members who sell for us in other states, we are selling our product through stores in Gatlinburg, TN
 Sparta, TN 
Woodbury, TN
Gallatin, TN
And we have our own little Shoppe on the Square in Lebanon, TN

Stop by and see us!  
We also offer classes at the shoppe. 

If you are interested in carrying our line in your retail location please contact us at [email protected]


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