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Home of Goat Milks Soaps, Lotions and Herbal Salves. Wool and wool products. We raise the goats, sheep, bees and herbs that make these products possible.

Welcome to Bountiful Acres Farm and our line of all natural products.
Welcome to all our new friends! And Hello Again to our 'old' friends!
Bountiful Acres Farm has been growing by leaps and bounds and we LOVE it!! 
We soon will have a NEW WEBSITE as this one just won't cooperate with us! It won't allow me to change from this awful font! ARGH!!  Along with several other issues.
We have listed NEW CLASS dates for 2015 on our CLASS tab.  Check those out! And please note: They FILL UP fast.

Enjoy your look around. 

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JULY 25th, 2015 Soap Making Class

August 1st 2015 Soap Making and Body Care Class

August 22nd, 2015  Soap making and Herbal Salve Class

September 1st 2015  Soap Making Class

September 26th 2015 Soap Making and Body Care Class


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**Best Seller**Bye Bye Pain

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  • "I tried the footsie tootsie also and love it! It takes the swelling out of my feet and I was able to wear a pair of new shoes that I bought a year ago and haven't been able to ..."
  • "I just wanted to let you know that your footsie tootsie lotion is the best I've ever tried. I have had foot problems and nothing ever helps the pain...but this sure did. I sle..."
    Randy M

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